Sonsón - Aguadas

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To go further in direction of Manizales we tried the road from Sonsón to Aguadas. The whole way was more or less unpaved and part of it with bad road condition. From Sonsón it starts with a long downhill and finally crossing the boarder to Caldas. The view into the valley and back to Sonsón was really nice. The temperature increase with the loss of altitude and finally it reached 42°C at the really bottom of the valley. The uphill to Aguadas was long and partly really steep, it was sometimes impossible to cycle and we had to push the bikes. On the way there are a lot of coffee plants and some small houses where the people live. It is important to carry the Food and water for the whole day, there is only one or two tiny shop. To start the trip in the early morning will help with the heat during the day.

40.2km 1399m uphill 1761m downhill

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